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Interview with founder of oHack.in - Faheen Ahmed

Hello guys, again after a long time on ProBloggerInterviews we are feauturing a Tech blogger - Faheen ahmed, founder of oHack.in is with us today ! I will ask him questions regarding Blogging, about his blog, his blogging strategy and much more. I hope his answers will help other bloggers to improve their blogging techniques. So, let's start an Inspiring Interview!

Faheen Ahmed - oHack.in

Hello Faheen, how are you ?
Yep, Fine

Thanks a lot for giving us your precious time for sharing your experience of blogging with our
readers. So, faheen can we start the Interview questions ?
Yes go ahead Yash

1) Faheen Ahmed, Will you please introduce yourself and oHack.in to our readers ? 
First and fall I would like to thanks yash for giving me great opportunity. Basically I am an Engineer Student and a part time blogger, Now Blogging has become my full time business.oHack.in is a Education related blog where I share major views on Blogger,Technology,SEO strategy and Islam.

2) How you came to know about Blogging? and when you started blogging ? 
I came to know about blogging is because of my Brother Shajeen Ahmed, Actually We started this blog this Blog on September 2013 naming oHack.in I was really in confusion for few day’s why I chosen this name. Because this may be the reason I am very interested in Result publication, Web Development, Hacking, So I write post on it after a month I apply for Google Adsense but it say’s it does not accomplices with policy and your publishing illegal thing.
Then I deleted all the content’s now For Past Two Month and I am Build a unique content on Various Fields, I am also getting now more response than before.

3) What are the major traffic sources of oHack.in ? Can you please share some effective tips 
to drive traffic to blog with our readers ? 
I drive Major Traffic from Facebook, Google and Reddit .I follow many ways to drive traffic to my blog.The major thing is SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media.If your good in these thing then you can drive huge traffic to your blog.
Nowadays Social Media became more popular. Almost everyone using social media and spending lots of time on social Media.I would suggest you use social media to drive more traffic.
I share my One Month Traffic Report to you

Blog Traffic Report

4) Do you care about the ranking of your Blog ? Any reasons behind it ? 
At first I don’t care about Ranking I concentrate on Traffic and Now after taking to expert they suggest me to care about the ranking first than traffic. Now for past few Months I am working on it and I am waiting for google page rank update, I am expecting PR2 this time.

5) What are your Specialties, can you tell us? 
I am an Optimist, Love to write Blog and I am a Psychology Researcher you can see in future many article related to it

6) What is your monthly income from Blogging ? and which are its sources ? 
I started my Blog obviously for Making Money then I realize that for a successful blogger Making money is not a right one, yet through I made money from Google adsense My First Payout was Four Figure(xxxx), Now I stop using Google adsense and concentrate on Direct Advertisement and I am getting Paid Article and Sponsor Review and some of the income is Bit Confidential

7) How you are promoting your blog in this healthy blogging competition ? 
My strategy is Building Successful SEO, And I’m Using Social Media  And I Always don’t mind about Blogging Competition.

8) Can you please share your blogging journey with our readers ? 
There are awesome Movements in my blogging Journey,

First and fall I learn lot for it, I got nice Reviews from Readers Via Email
Second Thing is When I Give First Income to my Father
Now I learn on Event Based Site creating and Link Building

9) What are your future plannings ? 
I am looking Forward to take this blog to another level after reaching certain criteria Perhaps I am having several plans going to execute soon.

10) Do you have any advice for new Bloggers or who want to start Blogging? 
“If you are good at something ,don’t do it for free” .If you know SEO don’t do it for free because to be successful blogger you need money too.When ever an hangout is made regarding SEO or Related to blog try to attend it will help your blogging skill to increase.And also you need to concentrate on Content write 1000 words per article you will know difference and also write a article that stands forever rather for a month it has big differences.

Thanks again faheen for taking a time for sharing your views regarding blogging ! All the best
for your all future efforts. Have a nice day ! Happy Blogging... 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Interview with Co-founder of All Tech Tricks : Ramesh Krishna

Hello guys, with me today is a member of All Tech Media, a online firm for all online solutions and a co-founder of blog All Tech Tricks - Ramesh Krishna. He is  working with Vinay Goud since All Tech Tricks is founded and currently he is working as a WordPress developer at All Tech media. Let's know more about him with this amazing interview.

Ramesh Krishna of All Tech Tricks

Hi Ramesh ! Hope you are feeling good with us. In this interview I'll ask you some questions related to your blogging career and will request you to say some key advices to newbies who want to make their career in Blogging.

So, can we go ahead with the Interview ?

Yeah Sure Yash.

1) You are well known person in Blogging, still for a few people can you please give a short introduction of you and your work?

I am Ramesh Krishna from Hyderabad, India. I am 2nd Year Computer Science Engineering Student,Open source lover, part-time Tech Blogger and WordPress developer at AllTechMedia and a guy who always tries to learn something new. Before joining AllTechMedia Team I worked with Vinay on AllTechTricks.com, WillnWish.com and many other blogs.I love to blog on tech guides under various categories WordPress,Windows,Linux and Internet tools.

2) What is the reason behind your Blogging success ?

My failures in Blogging and My passion towards Blogging are the reasons to my Success in Blogging.

When I was getting started as a blogger, I had no knowledge on How to write a post, What is meant by SEO and all the basic things of Blogging. Without Knowing all the basics of Blogging(101 of Blogging) , I started blogging and made so many mistakes even copied content from other blogs and pasted on my blog. All those mistakes have taught me the correct way of Blogging.As a newbie I spent so many days to learn How to blog, What to blog, How  to increase readership and all the things of Blogging,

And finally huge Support form my family. They supported me even without knowing what Blogging is, They only knew that I doing something useful on Internet. I am so lucky to have my family without them I would not become a successful Blogger.

3) If you'll get offer for a job from Google, Will you left All Tech Media ? And Why ?

Job offer from Google! Yes I will leave AllTechMedia. Because that's my dream from my Childhood.

4) According to you, Which basic skills are required for begin a Blogger ?

To become a Blogger one should work on their skills :

  1. Patience is the first skill that a person should develop to begin as a Blogger.Because the results in Blogging are slow, One can't find the results of blogging in overnight.
  2. Next able to know what readers are interested in reading on your blog.
  3. Finding unique and fresh content to stand your blog out of crowd.
  4. Writing articles in such a way that every reader can understand easily.
  5. And finally  Engaging with readers (increasing readership).

These are some basic skills that I would suggest for a person to improve to begin as a Blogger.

5) Can you give us names of blogs which you are following for Search engine optimization ?

I follow so many blogs on SEO these are few Blogs that I read daily without leaving a single post on these blogs.

Neil Patel's blog QuickSprout.com, Google webmasters blog and YouTube channel,AllTechBuzz.net ShoutmeLoud.com, SearchEngineLand.com, SearchEngineJournal.com,Yoast.com for WordPress seo and Moz Blog

6) Which is the best part of your Blogging journey ?

Leaving my first blog SprinkleRk and joining with Vinay to work on AllTechTricks.com is my best part and turning point in my Blogging Journey.

7) Generally, Bloggers can't generate enough incomes with Adsense, How you guys of All Tech Media are generating thousands of dollars from Adsense?

That's the team work. We never concentrate on Generating Adsense income we just concentrate on generating more traffic to our blogs. The more the traffic the more the Adsense income. To maximize our Adsense revenue we take care of best ad placements from our previous experiences.

We  AllTechMedia believe in simple formula (On Page SEO+Off Page Seo+Proper keyword research=High Traffic) directly proportional to High Adsense Income.

8) According to you what is Blogging ?

According to me Blogging is something cool passionate thing Blogging is not just writing the posts and making money. It more than that.

  1. Blogging is a skill to share the knowledge
  2. Skill to build authority on Internet
  3. Skill to build network of same kind of people all over the world.
  4. And finally a skill to make money from your skills without depending on others.

Blogging is not a business it is passion.

9) Can you please tell something about Pro Blogger Interviews ?

Yash you are doing really a good job of taking interview of Bloggers, From Pro Blogger Interviews I came to know the experiences and background of many Bloggers. Which inspired me alot.

10) Lastly, What are your suggestions to newbies for their blog ?

First thing that a newbie should know is that the results in Blogging are slow. No shortcuts to get Success especially in Blogging.

I Suggest a newbie to Start the Blogging carrier on Blogger platform instead of WordPress because Blogger lets you to concentrate on improving your blog. And Blogger is a great platform to learn on page seo. If you want to become a long term blogger then start your blog with default templates on Blogger and start optimizing your blog. I know this takes lot of time but this experience lets to survive as a long term blogger on any platform.After gaining sufficient expertise you can move to professional Blogging platforms like WordPress.(I prefer blogger in beginning stages as this is a Google product ;- D )

Do the ground work to Find the topic on which you are interested and expert to blog on.

Never expect to make money from your blog from the very fist day. There is nothing wrong in expecting money from your blog. But you should always remember money is secondary thing. (Just concentrate on improving your Blog you can make huge amount of money later)

Never opt for black hat SEO. If you want to be serious blogger.

Post frequently on your blog. If you are lazy blogger like me then post atleast twice a week.(Remember updating your blog is important)

Connect with other bloggers. And learn from their experiences and tips from them.

Don't spam your blog with multiple different topics ( If you are inspired from Blogs like Mashable then you should form your team and start working really hard) .

And Finally Thanks Yash for having me here. And Giving me this opportunity to share my views with ProBloggerIntreviews Readers.

You can connect me from FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.

Thanks a lot Ramesh for this awesome interview and giving your time to us for sharing your views on Blogging, Seo and online money making ideas. Pro Blogger Interview is wishing you All the best for your future online efforts. Thank You.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Interview with Rajesh DX of Techfishy

Dear readers

Today with me the founder of Techfishy.com, Rajesh is a computer geek. In techfishy, it covers mainly windows and internet based tips and trick. And also Rajesh is a part of AlltechMedia Team developer by Imran uddin. So be ready all friends, in today's interview, I'll ask some interesting question which may help newbie blogger to know secret behind blogging. So Let's have a start...

Before introducing myself, I would like to thank you for introducing me here to your readers and I feel honoured to be featured here. 

1) Rajesh, Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers :

I'm P.Rajesh and I suppose I'm familiar with the name "Rajesh-DX" because that's my Facebook profile Name. I'm a Computer Science Engineer( I'm not so proud of it) and I'm an Entrepreneur, as well as posted as the Head of website designing & development team in the company "All Tech Media". I'm working on many websites but my main website is techfishy.com where I post contents related to computer and mobile tips & tricks. I rarely post about Blogging articles but when I do, it would be worthy to read.

2) When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it?

Before even I was into the field of blogging I was trying various websites such as Neobux, Minuteworkers, Facebook etc to earn money during my college days(2009). I never knew that they are called as PPC's or whatsoever as my motive was only to earn money and so I followed all the methods on the internet blindly. I was tired of working on those websites and even after many months passed I was never able to cash out a singly penny. Meanwhile many people had claimed that Adsense is the best way to make money online and the only requirement for it was to maintain a blog with quality contents.That was where my blogging career started(2010) with one of my friend Rakhim! As everyone knows "Money makes many things" , it made me as a good blogger. I'm not a kind of person who is satisfied to earn money for doing cheap works and so from the day 1 of my blogging career I wrote only quality articles on my website. 

3) Can you please share your Blogging strategy with our Readers?

My strategy for blogging is "Instead of sharing whatever knowledge I have, I would simply share them what they actually expect from me" and this actually means a lot. Do you remember your first favorite Commercial Ad on the television ? Do you remember for what product that Ad was for, really? People only grasp what they want and they would just ignore the extra information out of it. if I'm going to give something which my readers don't need then I would end up in boring them. I would just keep my articles simple and cut to the point and one more thing that helped me was I'm a lazy guy to brag the articles and make it look lengthy. When I write these kind of articles I don't need to worry about the keyword research, not to be afraid of the Google's Zoo animals penality and not to worry about building links or anything as the only manual work I need to do is writing articles for my readers. One main thing I used to be concerned on my website is it's desgin because writing aricle makes your blog only half perfect and the suitable template makes it complete.

4) What is your best way to make money blogging and do you think it can work for everybody?

As my motive was to earn using Adsense from my website, Google Adsense is one of the best way to earn money online. But when I moved out from the newbie level to the mediocre level I found that Adsense was not the only way to earn money. Here's the list of other ways :

1. I earn money from sponsored posts & reviews, 
2. I earn money from Affiliate marketing,
3. I earn money from Blogging coaching.

What works for me will not work for everyone but still Adsense(Recommended) is one best way which will work for every blogger. Don't blindly follow whatever an individual says and if you do so you will end up in wasting your time so don't repeat the mistake which I did at the start. Try to do research and check whether there is really an opportunity lying in that particular method to earn money.

5) Which Blog you follow regularly And who is your role model?

Sice I have a big circle of friends on Facebook I don't really need to follow any blogs particularly. I will not even find time to complete all the useful links that are shared by my friends but I do follow few sites which will develop my other personal skills. As I said earlier I will remember good things that I get from people and I never remember their names. Assuming a single role model will saturate your growth and It's very difficult to keep someone on my mind and follow them. It's like one day you will like "Kareena" and the other day you will like "Katrina". Instead if you ask me "who is your favorite blogger?" then I would say my friend Imran Uddin because we are close friends for more than 3 years and he helped me a lot in blogging as well as in my personal stuffs.

6) According to you, what is the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

If you would have asked me this question few years back then my answer would have been driving organic traffic from Google by writing quality contents. But now, as the trend is changing I would say traffic from social sharing websites are more powerful than Google or any other search engines. Develop a big community or a page so that you could share all your resources there and I personally use Facebook to deliver my articles to my readers directly, It gives me instant traffic. I also get traffic from search engines because I always write quality and unique articles.  

7) What is your future planning?

My plan from the start was to become an Entrepreneur and I'm already a part of AllTechMedia company. My next plan is to educate and help people to earn online because I find many people who have completed engineering and are still unemployed.

8) How are you feeling about your today’s interview? 

I feel happy and exciting because this is my first interview on the internet and you made me feel like a celebrity, Thanks for you once again.

9) What are your suggestions and advice's to Bloggers about Blogging?

I'm not a kind of guy who gives or takes advice. But every Bloggers who are reading this listen to me, if you want to make your blogging career as successful as mine then I would recommend you to follow the below suggestions for which in future you will be thanking me :

1.Your site is not a museum and so change the template often and keep it clean & stylish.
2.If you are giving some information to your readers then make sure the information is true. Don't betray your readers.
3.If you want to make your living online like me then don't try to make money instead try to earn it. There's a big difference.
4.If you are ready to spend lakhs of money for education which doesn't even gets you a job then do not hesitate to spend few bucks for blogging related stuffs.
5.If you love blogging rather than your regular 9-10 job then do blogging at any cost even if your parents are against that. They will accept your decision once you start to earn from blogging.
6.Maintaining studies and blog at a same time is very difficult, So study during the morning and Blog during the Night.

Thanks Rajesh for giving your precious time for Giving your interview on Pro Blogger Interviews, I hope this interview will help not only newbie Bloggers but also it'll help Pro Bloggers too. We all are wishing you bright blogging future and your Alltechmedia Team and Thanks again for sharing your Blogging knowledge with us.

Interview with Abid Omar of ABCDBlogging

Hello reader,

Today with me Abid Omar, Founder of ABCDBlogging, TeckBloggr and many other blog Related to blogging. He is tech geek and blogging expert. So lets have a start.

1) Firstly Abid, Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers:

I’m Abid Omar, and I’m the owner and Founder of so many blogs and firms. I’m an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and a blogger. I started my blogs and firms to help people who are interested in Technology and Blogging. I blog at ABCDBlogging and my personal blog is AbidOmar.in. And i have so many niche blogs that i didn’t like to share with you. I’m co-founder and CEO of a Internet Marketing Company Vebblabs. I’m currently working on a offline  premium Internet Marketing coaching program with famous bloggers Tony John, Zion Amal Rafeeq and Krishna Moorthy.

2) When did you start Blogging? Is there any motivation behind your start?

At the age of 13 My Interest was Science and Astronomy. I dreamt to become a Astronaut and Space Scientist. I formed a Astronomy Club on my school and my school teacher told me to start a Blog for that club. So, I searched about Blogs on Internet and came across Blogging and Web designing. Then I started my Blogging journey on March 2011. 

It was my first Blogger.com blog using a blogspot.in sub domain. After that i started so many blogs and played with them by adding widgets and changing themes. After 1 year, I started to see blogging seriously. So, I bought my first .com domain for a tech blog. It was techbeatsindia.com (Expire Now), my most successful blog ever. It got a PR 1 and good alexa within 6 month. But, due to google penalize my blog and it causes a big reduce in my traffic and rankings. So, I deleted that blog and started a blogging niche blog with WordPress CMS. It is my main blog  ABCD Blogging (Any Body Can Do Blogging). It is almost 7 months i started that blog and achieved an alexa rank of 35K with a short span of time :) I learnt a lot about Internet Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing…etc from this blog and it helped me to earn a good money monthly. Currently i’m learning more about internet marketing and researching about fresh ways to make money onlne.

3) What are the main sources of Traffic to Your Blog?

Wait. Let Me Check my Google Analytics dashboard. Yeh. My main traffic source is Google and Facebook. About 41% of my traffic is coming from Google. 28% of my traffic comes directly. Facebook is on 3rd position. 17% of my traffic is from facebook. My other traffic sources are some Blogging Communities like BlogEngage, Kingged, inbound.org. Other social networks like Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon also part of my traffic source.

4) Do you care about the ranking of your Blog? Any reasons behind it?

Yes. Ofcourse. Yes i'm concentrating on rankings more than traffic. Because, We will get so many advertisers and sponsored review if you have a decent ranking. I have 36K Global Alexa rank and it is 3K in India. I didn't got Page Rank on previous update, becasue it is 1 month old when it updated. But, i'm trying hard to get atleast PR2. You can check my article on How to Increase Alexa Rank to get an awesome alexa rank with a short span of time :)

5) According to you, what are the best ways to promote a Blog?

As shown on the above analytics report, I'm using Social Media and Blogging Communities to promote my Blog. When i published an article, I will share it on my facebook pages, some facebook groups, Tweet on twitter, Stumble it and add the blog post to 4-5 Blogging Communities.

6) Who is your role model as a Blogger? Do you follow their blogs regularly?

I love all bloggers on the blogosphere who write great contents. My Role Model is Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com. You can see how much i love Pat by visiting my blog. I used some same styles like Pat and i started Podcast on my blog after listening to him. 

Some other bloggers i admire a lot are John Chow, Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, Enstine Muki, Kulwant Nagi, Reginald Chan and Imran Uddin. 
Yeh. I have subscribed their mailing list so i get email updates when they posted an article. I will find some time to read those blog posts.

7) Which are your main earning sources

My main earning sources are Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Reviews, Direct Ads on my Blog, CPA Marketing, Blog Consulting...etc.

8) How are you feeling about your today’s interview?

I got so many interview requests. But i rejected all of them due to lack of time. But, When you PM me on Facebook i was totally free and travelling in a bus. So, It is my first interview and i'm feeling great to get featured on a great blog.

9) What are your suggestions and advice's to Bloggers about Blogging?

Like every pro blogger, I would like to say. Don't quit blogging. Blog and Blog until you make some bucks. Then you will get success with a short time :) According to me, I do blogging for 1 year without any income from it. But, I didn't quit it. Now i'm a successful blogger who make some bucks to enjoy my life. Wish you all the best for your future :)

Abid, Thanks again for giving your precious time to us for this informative interview. I hope this questions will gonna help many other Bloggers for improving his blogging skills. I am wishing you All the best for your future ventures. Have a nice day , Happy Blogging :)

Thanks Gaurav; Good luck for your blog.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Interview with Bishal Biswas, 12 year old blogger and upcoming online enterpreneur

Hello Friends,

After a long time on probloggerinterviews, Today with me a Small Blogger kid with lots of ability in his blogging journey - The one and only Bishal Biswas. Founder of Viralblogtips, Dailyseo and many other blogs. Bishal is a Tech Geek, Seo Expert, Web designer and Best awarded YouTube person. Viralblogtips and Dailyseo is a SEO based technology blogs which mainly covers topic related to SEO, How-To Guide, Blogging Tutorials and many more. So be ready all friends, today in this interviews, I'll ask some interesting questions which may help newbie blogger to know some of secret tips about blogging and seo.

Hello Bishal, Thanks for accepting my request for this small interview to share your blogging knowledge and experience with our readers. I am very exited to take your interview so bishal can we start it ?

Hello Gaurav, Yeah sure ! Lets move forward.

1) We all know about your blog and yourself still can you please say a few lines about your blogs and yourself?

Ans: Hi Everyone, 

Bishal here, a 12 Years old Entrepreneur and a Blogger based on West Bengal. I am blogging since mid 2011 which started as a hobby and turned into passion. I am awarded by West Bengal Govt. (2012) and honored by Science & Technology India (2010) also I am interviewed on All India Radio for being one of the most influence child who is been keen into internet. 

Coming to ViralBlogTips.com, it is a blog where I (not yet formed a team) share Actionable Blogging Tips to Dominate Google, founded a month ago unlike being new it showed quit impressive success. Do visit my blog to know some of my secret strategies to improve and take your blog to the next level :) 

2) From which age you have been started blogging? And how you are managing your blog with your study?

Ans: I have been blogging since when I was quarter 9 year old, perhaps I am in relation with computers from when I am 7 years old. 

Frankly speaking, It's quite tough to say when it comes to time management. What I can say, there's no particular timing for me to geek up with my blog but certainly when I do, I enjoy. 

3) What are the Impact of Social networking sites on the traffic that you have today?

Ans: Social Networking sites i.e. Facebook, Google+, Twitter has shown immense success onto it's way. However, when it comes about traffic what I can say is "It's one of the most ideal source". A blog do need more expose and readers and to do so, effective promotion is essential. With the introduce of Google Authorship and several other algorithms that it has became one of most important factor in SEO too, however Google Spam Head - Matt Cutts revealed in past few month that Google do not analyze social signals to rank on SERP (Search Engine Results Place). 

Yet, there's some mystery and history which is soon going to be reveled. However, with my point of  view I do recommend Social Media to be an important factor of both Traffic and SEO. 

4) How you are building relationships with your Readers? How you make them stick on your blog?

Ans: In order to turn visitors into loyal readers, what we need is Quality Content (the KING). Perhaps, everything is related with the contents we are serving to our readers. With analysis it is said that a visitor takes about 18 seconds to determine a site that whether it is worthy to know or not. 

So, having a brainstorming 1st paragraph is important while writing. Also, one of the most important strategy which I do follow to engage the readers is by having a friendly conversation with them. How? 

There's several you may have seen using I and You to point towards the reader, including me giving the reader importance that yes, there's someone actually teaching me, that is really important while writing. No one would like to actually read an article which is more or less a book with official sentences and texts. 

5) Which Blog you follow regularly And who is your role model?

Although there's many which I like to read, perhaps there's some whom I would like to specially mention here. 

1. Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud.com
2. Jon Morrow of BoostBlogTraffic.com
3. Neil Patel of QuickSprout.com
4. Zac Johnson of BloggingTips.com

6) According to you, what is the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

Write, write and keep writing. That's the way for a successful blog and building up massive traffic. However, for quick results Social Media is one of the greatest sources of traffic. A Social Media Traffic Campaign of mine is on progress to let me check the power of social media, I would too be writing a detailed case study about what I did and what are the results on my blog itself, so I do recommend to stay tuned with it.

7) How you find Ideas for a new post on your Blog?

To Conquer over Writers Block there's several strategies however I do store a collection of ideas for my blog post in my hard drive which helps me to have an instant idea always to write an article. However there's a great quote which I always remember while facing issues while writing articles. "Good Writers Copy, Great Writers Steal", here it doesn't mean that we copy someone, but just take few ideas from other popular blog and make up another popular article.

8) Which are your main earning sources?

Freelancing (SEO Optimization, Logo Designing, Website Designing/Development) is my primary source of income, however Advertising is my second income stream and third is Sponsored Posts, etc. However, these days I am working on CPA Marketing and will also start Affiliate Marketing too.

9) According to You, What are the primary requirements to become a successful blogger?

To be a successful blogger, the only requirement(s) is having foundation of solid contents. A blog having loyal readers can win over a blog having ten of thousand visitors without readership. 

10) What is your future planning?

I am looking forward with my very own Logo Designing Company, perhaps having several plans which I would be executing very soon. 

11) Please share some latest content marketing and SEO tips with our readers

Search Engine Optimization (in short SEO) is really essential for blog to enhance website visibility in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). However, I would recommend to focus only on contents for at-least first 3 months, however you can do some basics like Meta, etc. The same point arises here is "Content is still the King" and will be the King. So, only to win over Google's and Readers heart you need a foundation of solid contents. 

12) Last question, Can you please give some Tips and Advices for newbie Bloggers?

In conclusion, I would only say that there's no chance to get at the top (at-least at this stage) without having effective contents. So, write as much you can and that's the way to success. Here, SEO is not much important compared to Content, so have a target of writing at-least content of 1000 words (yes, that's the secret).

Thanks Bishal for giving your precious time for Giving your interview on Pro Blogger Interviews, I hope this interview will help not only newbie Bloggers but also it'll help Pro Bloggers too. We all are wishing you bright blogging future and Thanks again for sharing your Blogging knowledge with us.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Interview with Amar Ilindra of Geek Dashboard

Hello readers, today with me is the Founder of one of the most popular Tech Blogs of India Geek Dashboard - Amar Ilindra. Geek Dashboard is a Technology and blogging related blog which contain many useful How-to guides, Tutorials, etc. Today in this interview I'll ask some interesting questions which may help many newbies to know some secret tips about Blogging.

Hello Amar, Thanks a lot for accepting my request for this small interview to share your Blogging knowledge and experience with our readers.

So Amar, Can we start interview?
Hello Yash, Yeah! Let’s move forward

1) Firstly Amar, Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers:
Thanks a lot and really appreciate your interest in this interview. This is Amar Ilindra, friendly usually call me Amar. I'm doing my Computer Science Engineering at a college from my native; Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. I love spending my time on Graphic and Web designing. Apart from my online world, i'm a dog lover and a cool and calm guy.

Geek Dashboard established in 2012 January mainly deals with Technology stuff. I write about Computers, Mobiles, Internet, Social Media and Blogging. Best part of Geek Dashboard is i provide everything directly without any hidden steps and most important thing is Giveaways. I regularly host Giveaways and our readers really enjoy them.

2) Since how much time you are Blogging? What is the reason behind your beginning?
I'm in to blogging field from more than 2.5 years. Actually i started my first blog many years ago when i was doing my schooling. But I’m serious about it from last 2 years. There is no specific reason behind my entry to blogging, it happened accidentally without my knowledge.

3) As there are many Tech blogs in the World, How you are maintaining Geek Dashboard to stay standing in the competition?
I will try to keep my blog fresh with latest and unique articles and tutorials. I mostly write for readers but not for bots. Social Media interaction is helping me to still stand in the competition.

4) How you are maintaining your SEO of Geek Dashboard for new Google Algorithm Updates?
I do guest posting, blog commenting and forum posting during early days of my blog. Once settled, i purely concentrated on On-Page SEO with proper heading tags and images. I'm making use of YouTube, Facebook, Google+ etc to drive small amount of traffic to my site.

5) Are you making money with your blog? If Yes, Then what are the major sources of it?
Yeah! I'm making handsome money from this blog. My sources of income include Adsense, Affiliate sales, advertising and lots more.

6) As a Blogger who are your role model? And which blogs you follow on a regular basis?
I always respect Amit Agarwal from Labnol.org; I regularly visit Mashable, TNW and of-course Labnol

7) According to you, Blogger should concentrate on maintaining rankings and traffic?
If he/she is passionate about blogging, then he/she will keep writing stuff which will drive traffic automatically. Yes, one should keep an eye on their ranking and traffic using some tools. This will give them a clear sketch about their do’s and don’ts

8) Which is the best and worst movement of your Blogging journey?
They are many such things. Best thing is when i published my first post and I still remember the day when i got my first visit from Search Engines. Worst part of my blogging life is the early days of my engineering college. I rarely find time to update the blog, but now I’m doing great and perfectly managing both my college and blogging life.

9) What are your future plans? Will start a firm or Blogging?
I'm planning to make Geek Dashboard as popular I can. Next one year, i will concentrate on YouTube and even planning to start giving seminars to fellow students to make them aware of this awesome blogging field and let them know about how they can make money while studying. There is no idea of starting a firm for now.

10) Please share some latest content marketing and SEO tips with our readers :
Just keep writing what you know with proper on-page SEO and everything will be on your way. Never try to fool Search Engines with black hat techniques, they won't work anymore now.
I always like to say "Never Give Up; Give it one more try"

Amar, Thanks again for giving your precious time to us for this informative interview. I hope this questions will gonna help many other Bloggers for improving his blogging skills. I am wishing you All the best for your future ventures. Have a nice day , Happy Blogging :)

Thanks Yash; Good luck for your blog.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Interview with Sachin Yadav of TechnoLogers

Hello readers, After a long time I am continuing Interview sessions with Bloggers. Today with me is Sachin Yadav who is founder of TechnoLogers a blog about Technologers, Technology, Software, Tech Updates and much more. Let know more about Sachin Yadav and his blog from this interview.

Interview with Sachin Yadav of TechnoLogers

Hello Sachin, Thanks a lot for showing your interest in sharing your knowledge and blogging experience with us via this Informative interview. I hope you will also enjoy this interview as much as our readers. I'll ask you questions related to the niche of your blog and some personal questions too.

Sachin, Can we start Interview ?
Yes please go ahead...

1) Firstly Sachin, Can you please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers ?
Hello everyone , first I would like to say thank to Yash for giving this opportunity and I feel above the sky this time.

I am Sachin Yadav from Faridabad .I have done my B.tech (Cse Branch) from MDU (Rohtak). I am a big fan of Technology people like Sergey Brin, Larry page, Mark Zuckerberg , Sachin Bansal and Bini Bansal (Flipkart guy) and so many people who develop the software, website and programming language for us...but we don’t know the name of those people.

This was the main idea for me to start the blog which tell about the founder, inventor, developer and I call a superstar of technology and I name them TECHNOLOGERS.

Technologers Blog by Sachin Yadav

2) When did you start Blogging ? Is there any motivation behind your start ?
I started my blog on 1 Jan 2013 and coming new year my blog become 1 year old blog.

As I mention above Main Motivation behind is the Founder of Company.
Every time I read about top company like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple...then only thing came in my mind is that who starts and how they start...

I am very curious to find the name of that person who invent or develop .. so this motivates me.

3) Hello can you share some secret tips with us to increase traffic of a blog smartly ?
Traffic mean the user and user love content so write the quality content which attracts the user for example content is not meant to write long and long para in your blog .. but intersecting fact and figure which are rarely available .try adding some creativity in it.

II am sure all these points which help you to increase traffic and not traffic but quality traffic.

4) Who is your favourite blogger and which blog you visit on a regular basis ?
My favourite blogger are Amit Aggarwal, Harsh Aggarwal and Neil Patel.
I regularly visit shoutmeloud.com, labnol.org and quicksprout.com

5) There are many ways to earn money with a blog, According to you which is the best way to earn with blogs except Adsense ?
You are right there are plenty of ways to earn money using blog like Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, Affiliate earnings , paid review, Infolinks.

I like affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money because it will give you a handsome income without any limit.

If you have good amount traffic then you can write the article related to your affiliate then user use the same link to buy something then you get your commission.

There are a large number of commissions provide by Hosting company so if any new customer buys hosting through your blog or your referral link then you will get up to 50% on their sale.

6) What are the major sources of traffic of your blog TechnoLogers ?
Well currently I receive a small amount of traffic which is directly from Google search engine or some traffic from the Facebook page.

7) How do you find ideas for your new post on your blog ?
This is very easy for my blog because everyday I browse the many website or use service ...then I will to find the founder of that website or tech person related to that technology.
My main aim is to find the find the tech person all around the world and write about them.

8) Can you share some awesome moments of your Blogging Journey ?
Starting my own blog without any help of any one itself is an awesome moment for me and blogging journey is just starting for him.

9) What are your future plans ?
My plan is to add all the technologers/founder from all around the world and in career wise I soon clears my Google Adword Exam to become GAP and start a new blog for Adward query.

10) If someone wants to start a Blog what is your advice to him / her ?
First i am not much good at advice but try ...first thing is  Know yourself  ?? Because most of the time we don’t know what to do or what is the next post is about...so that time your inner power tells your strong factor.

Start about what you like not what people want to read...that’s it.

I left you all with this wonderful line ”Steve Jobs needs no introduction but Dennis” if you understand about this link then please tell me in comment section Thanks for reading my interview.Keep visiting my blog for new technologers.

Join me on :- Facebook, Twitter and  Google+.

Thanks a lot, Sachin for sharing your views and experiences about blogging via this interview. On behalf of our all readers I am wishing you all the best and best of luck for your future plans and goals. Have a nice day, Happy Blogging !

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