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Upcoming Blogger from India and Founder of Just Web World - Harshil Barot

Hello friends, With me today is an Upcoming Blogger from India and Founder of Just Web World - Harshil Barot. Just Web World is a Technology Blog which mainly covers topics related to Computer Tips and Tricks, How to Blog, SEO, WordPress, Web Designing tutorial, Security and Technology News. Harshil will share his experience about blogging and share his knowledge of blogging with us.

Upcoming Blogger from India and Founder of Just Web World - Harshil Barot

Hello Harshil, First I would like to thank you for showing your interest in sharing your Blogging knowledge and experience with our readers. I am very excited to take your interview So harshil can we start it ?

1) Can you please introduce yourself and your blog Just Web World to our readers ?
Hi everyone, First of all I would like to thank YASH for giving me this Wonderful opportunity. I feel honoured.

Hello Pro Blogger Interviews readers, Myself Harshil Barot and I am a normal guy from Ahmedabad (India). I am Studying in  Msc.(CA&IT) at Patan (India) and blogging is my profession. I am Passionate about Blogging. Currently I am using my passion for blogging at Apart from blogging I am a Computer Geek, Internet Lover and Web Designer. I Like to Surf Internet and Like to Find out Some Valuable informations From Blogs.

I Started My Blog Just Web World Using Blogger Platform and after Some Times I Migrate My Blog with WordPress. I Shared Some Valuable informations on My blog Like as Computer Tips and Tricks, How to Blog, SEO, WordPress, Web Designing and Tech News.

2) When you start blogging ? Is there any interesting story behind it ? Then please share it with our readers.
Well Yash, as I Mentioned above I Started My Blog Just Web World Before 1 Year Using Blogger Platform with a Domain Blogspot.Com and After Three Months I Purchased My Own Hosting and Host My Blog On My Own Web Space and Migrate My Blogger Blog with WordPress for total control. Now I am Working on 2 Blogs the second one is SoftWallpapers.Com.

3) What is the motto of your blog Just Web World ?
I Want to Make Big Brand of My Blog. By the Way My Motto is Listed My Blog On World’s Top Technology Blogs List Like as Mashable, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch, and TheVerge. 

4) What are the main sources of Traffic of Just Web World ?
My Main Sources Of Traffic is SEO,Social Bookmarking Site and Social Media. Most of the Traffics are come from the Search Engines.

5) Do you care about the ranking of your Blog ? Any reasons behind it ?
Actually I Don’t Care about the Traffic and My Blogs Ranking. I Just Updating My Blog with a New  Quality Content. If your Blogs have a Quality Content then your Site Surely Ranking On Google’s.
Doing a SEO for your Site, Build a Better Backlinks and Update Quality Content to your blog that all Things Definitely Ranking your Blog on Search Engine’s. That’s It.

6) According to you, What are the best ways to promote a Blog ?
There are many Ways to Promote a Blog Online and Offline.

  • Blogging Communities
  • Advertising(PPC)
  • Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Guest Posting
  • Building an Email List
  • Blog Commenting
  • Link Building
  • T-Shirt Marketing
  • Public Toilets
  • College Benches
  • On Notebooks
  • Dusty Car Windows
  • Free Giveaways
  • Starting Your Own Meet up
  • Pin Posters
  • Business Cards
  • News Papers,TV Channels and Magazine
  • Promotion Flyers
  • Random SMS and Calls
  • Currency Note
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Name
  • Use Cyber Cafes
  • Print URL On your Vehicle
  • Tell your Girl Friends

In My View all the Methods you are applying for Promoting your Blog. But More Concentrate on Online Marketing Like Social Media, SEO, Advertising and Link Building.

7) Who is your role model as a Blogger? Do you follow their blogs regularly?
Proudly Said that My Real Role Model is always my Mother and Father, My Dad is My Hero. As a Blogger My Role Models are Imran Uddin, Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Pete Cashmore and Amit Agrawal. And Yeah I Follow their Blogs Regularly. I Like to read their Blogs.

8) How are you feeling about your today’s interview?
I am feeling Awesome because This is My First Interview as a Blogger. Special Thanks to Yash for Giving me this opportunity.

9) What are your future planning ?
My Future Plan is a Make a Network’s of Blogs. I want to Make Big Brand of My Blog Just Web World. I also Want to become a Good Designer because Good Design is a Lot Like clear thinking made Visual. I also Want to Become an SEO Expert, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.

10) What are your suggestions and advices to Bloggers about Blogging ?
If you want to be successful in blogging then you must follow the below points.
  • Keep on improving your skills and gain more expertise in your skills.
  • Doing SEO, Build a Good Backlinks From High Pagerank websites and Promote your Blog as much as you can.
  • Take proper guidance or assistance from those people who are already successful with blogging and Internet Marketing.
Finally I Want to Say Few Words, If you Want to Become a Successful in your Life then the First thing is try to become a Good Person, if you are a Good Person then Automatically People Liking you and following you and Always Do what you Love and Do Only that work you are really Passionate about and Always Helping others, respect people never underestimate People then People automatic Loving you.
That’s it.

Thanks for reading my interview.Keep practising, keep on learning new things.Keep calm and always be positive.
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Harshil, Thanks again for giving us your valuable time for sharing your awesome experience with us. I hope this interview will help many newbies to start their career of Blogging. On behalf of all Blogger's family I am wishing you all the best for your future blogging ventures. Have a nice day, Happy Blogging :)

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  1. happy to c ur interview and proud to have u

  2. Good Interview bro.....All the best

  3. I know Harshil Very Well he is a Good Person with Friendly Nature :)

    1. Thank you so much Nitin Maheta for your that kind of words..

  4. Congratulations for your first interview. Its great to see your performance and if you continue the same in future. Your blog will be definitely listed in top 10. All the best!

    1. Hello Ramakrishna Ch ...Thank you So much for reading my interview and for your inspire me more....

  5. He is a good Person !!! All the Best Harshil

  6. Harshil is an rising star blogger !!! I hope he will accomplish his future mission! Congrats for your first interview!!!

    1. Thank a Lot.. Surendra Soni....for your Good Words... :)

  7. Harshil Barot is My Best Friend. He always Helping me into blogging. Very Nice Interview...I Hope you got more success in your Life Bro ...

  8. This one is again a nice interview.

  9. Hello Yash,

    You have done again a great job with this interview. Best of luck Harshil for your blogging career.

  10. Good luck Harahil (Y)
    Keep it up :)

  11. Harshil Congratulations for your first interview. and awesome ur interview bro.....

  12. Harshil Great to see ur first Interview :) You are doing great just keep it up :)

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  14. Harshil is nice guy I personaly know harshil ! hard working :)

    1. Thanks a Lot Vinay Goud for your that kind of words....

  15. Nice Interview Harshil and nice tips for promotion of the blog.. :-D

  16. It was a good interview. Bloggers are helpful to make our IT life easy in cyberspace. Harshil Barot is one of them.

    1. Thank U So Much Ethio ICT for your that kind of words...

  17. It was a good interview. Bloggers are helpful to make our IT life easy in cyberspace. Harshil Barot is one of them.

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  19. Nice to see Harshit's interview, He is really good guy with helping nature.

    Hope Harshit will get more and more interviews like this, Best wishes to you Harshit.

  20. Very nice Harshil Bro.

  21. Great Doing Bro :)
    I'm following You Blog From Past 1 Year .
    Awesome Blogger -----
    Keep It Up (Y)

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