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Interview with Amar Ilindra of Geek Dashboard

Hello readers, today with me is the Founder of one of the most popular Tech Blogs of India Geek Dashboard - Amar Ilindra. Geek Dashboard is a Technology and blogging related blog which contain many useful How-to guides, Tutorials, etc. Today in this interview I'll ask some interesting questions which may help many newbies to know some secret tips about Blogging.

Hello Amar, Thanks a lot for accepting my request for this small interview to share your Blogging knowledge and experience with our readers.

So Amar, Can we start interview?
Hello Yash, Yeah! Let’s move forward

1) Firstly Amar, Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers:
Thanks a lot and really appreciate your interest in this interview. This is Amar Ilindra, friendly usually call me Amar. I'm doing my Computer Science Engineering at a college from my native; Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. I love spending my time on Graphic and Web designing. Apart from my online world, i'm a dog lover and a cool and calm guy.

Geek Dashboard established in 2012 January mainly deals with Technology stuff. I write about Computers, Mobiles, Internet, Social Media and Blogging. Best part of Geek Dashboard is i provide everything directly without any hidden steps and most important thing is Giveaways. I regularly host Giveaways and our readers really enjoy them.

2) Since how much time you are Blogging? What is the reason behind your beginning?
I'm in to blogging field from more than 2.5 years. Actually i started my first blog many years ago when i was doing my schooling. But I’m serious about it from last 2 years. There is no specific reason behind my entry to blogging, it happened accidentally without my knowledge.

3) As there are many Tech blogs in the World, How you are maintaining Geek Dashboard to stay standing in the competition?
I will try to keep my blog fresh with latest and unique articles and tutorials. I mostly write for readers but not for bots. Social Media interaction is helping me to still stand in the competition.

4) How you are maintaining your SEO of Geek Dashboard for new Google Algorithm Updates?
I do guest posting, blog commenting and forum posting during early days of my blog. Once settled, i purely concentrated on On-Page SEO with proper heading tags and images. I'm making use of YouTube, Facebook, Google+ etc to drive small amount of traffic to my site.

5) Are you making money with your blog? If Yes, Then what are the major sources of it?
Yeah! I'm making handsome money from this blog. My sources of income include Adsense, Affiliate sales, advertising and lots more.

6) As a Blogger who are your role model? And which blogs you follow on a regular basis?
I always respect Amit Agarwal from; I regularly visit Mashable, TNW and of-course Labnol

7) According to you, Blogger should concentrate on maintaining rankings and traffic?
If he/she is passionate about blogging, then he/she will keep writing stuff which will drive traffic automatically. Yes, one should keep an eye on their ranking and traffic using some tools. This will give them a clear sketch about their do’s and don’ts

8) Which is the best and worst movement of your Blogging journey?
They are many such things. Best thing is when i published my first post and I still remember the day when i got my first visit from Search Engines. Worst part of my blogging life is the early days of my engineering college. I rarely find time to update the blog, but now I’m doing great and perfectly managing both my college and blogging life.

9) What are your future plans? Will start a firm or Blogging?
I'm planning to make Geek Dashboard as popular I can. Next one year, i will concentrate on YouTube and even planning to start giving seminars to fellow students to make them aware of this awesome blogging field and let them know about how they can make money while studying. There is no idea of starting a firm for now.

10) Please share some latest content marketing and SEO tips with our readers :
Just keep writing what you know with proper on-page SEO and everything will be on your way. Never try to fool Search Engines with black hat techniques, they won't work anymore now.
I always like to say "Never Give Up; Give it one more try"

Amar, Thanks again for giving your precious time to us for this informative interview. I hope this questions will gonna help many other Bloggers for improving his blogging skills. I am wishing you All the best for your future ventures. Have a nice day , Happy Blogging :)

Thanks Yash; Good luck for your blog.

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  1. Very Inspiration Interview. I hope i also can interview for PBI.
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  2. Good post..yash bro...and best of luck amar bro...happy blogging

    1. Thanks Kartik
      Good luck for your blogging life


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