Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Interview with Abid Omar of ABCDBlogging

Hello reader,

Today with me Abid Omar, Founder of ABCDBlogging, TeckBloggr and many other blog Related to blogging. He is tech geek and blogging expert. So lets have a start.

1) Firstly Abid, Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers:

I’m Abid Omar, and I’m the owner and Founder of so many blogs and firms. I’m an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and a blogger. I started my blogs and firms to help people who are interested in Technology and Blogging. I blog at ABCDBlogging and my personal blog is AbidOmar.in. And i have so many niche blogs that i didn’t like to share with you. I’m co-founder and CEO of a Internet Marketing Company Vebblabs. I’m currently working on a offline  premium Internet Marketing coaching program with famous bloggers Tony John, Zion Amal Rafeeq and Krishna Moorthy.

2) When did you start Blogging? Is there any motivation behind your start?

At the age of 13 My Interest was Science and Astronomy. I dreamt to become a Astronaut and Space Scientist. I formed a Astronomy Club on my school and my school teacher told me to start a Blog for that club. So, I searched about Blogs on Internet and came across Blogging and Web designing. Then I started my Blogging journey on March 2011. 

It was my first Blogger.com blog using a blogspot.in sub domain. After that i started so many blogs and played with them by adding widgets and changing themes. After 1 year, I started to see blogging seriously. So, I bought my first .com domain for a tech blog. It was techbeatsindia.com (Expire Now), my most successful blog ever. It got a PR 1 and good alexa within 6 month. But, due to google penalize my blog and it causes a big reduce in my traffic and rankings. So, I deleted that blog and started a blogging niche blog with WordPress CMS. It is my main blog  ABCD Blogging (Any Body Can Do Blogging). It is almost 7 months i started that blog and achieved an alexa rank of 35K with a short span of time :) I learnt a lot about Internet Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing…etc from this blog and it helped me to earn a good money monthly. Currently i’m learning more about internet marketing and researching about fresh ways to make money onlne.

3) What are the main sources of Traffic to Your Blog?

Wait. Let Me Check my Google Analytics dashboard. Yeh. My main traffic source is Google and Facebook. About 41% of my traffic is coming from Google. 28% of my traffic comes directly. Facebook is on 3rd position. 17% of my traffic is from facebook. My other traffic sources are some Blogging Communities like BlogEngage, Kingged, inbound.org. Other social networks like Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon also part of my traffic source.

4) Do you care about the ranking of your Blog? Any reasons behind it?

Yes. Ofcourse. Yes i'm concentrating on rankings more than traffic. Because, We will get so many advertisers and sponsored review if you have a decent ranking. I have 36K Global Alexa rank and it is 3K in India. I didn't got Page Rank on previous update, becasue it is 1 month old when it updated. But, i'm trying hard to get atleast PR2. You can check my article on How to Increase Alexa Rank to get an awesome alexa rank with a short span of time :)

5) According to you, what are the best ways to promote a Blog?

As shown on the above analytics report, I'm using Social Media and Blogging Communities to promote my Blog. When i published an article, I will share it on my facebook pages, some facebook groups, Tweet on twitter, Stumble it and add the blog post to 4-5 Blogging Communities.

6) Who is your role model as a Blogger? Do you follow their blogs regularly?

I love all bloggers on the blogosphere who write great contents. My Role Model is Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com. You can see how much i love Pat by visiting my blog. I used some same styles like Pat and i started Podcast on my blog after listening to him. 

Some other bloggers i admire a lot are John Chow, Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, Enstine Muki, Kulwant Nagi, Reginald Chan and Imran Uddin. 
Yeh. I have subscribed their mailing list so i get email updates when they posted an article. I will find some time to read those blog posts.

7) Which are your main earning sources

My main earning sources are Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Reviews, Direct Ads on my Blog, CPA Marketing, Blog Consulting...etc.

8) How are you feeling about your today’s interview?

I got so many interview requests. But i rejected all of them due to lack of time. But, When you PM me on Facebook i was totally free and travelling in a bus. So, It is my first interview and i'm feeling great to get featured on a great blog.

9) What are your suggestions and advice's to Bloggers about Blogging?

Like every pro blogger, I would like to say. Don't quit blogging. Blog and Blog until you make some bucks. Then you will get success with a short time :) According to me, I do blogging for 1 year without any income from it. But, I didn't quit it. Now i'm a successful blogger who make some bucks to enjoy my life. Wish you all the best for your future :)

Abid, Thanks again for giving your precious time to us for this informative interview. I hope this questions will gonna help many other Bloggers for improving his blogging skills. I am wishing you All the best for your future ventures. Have a nice day , Happy Blogging :)

Thanks Gaurav; Good luck for your blog.

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