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Interview with Bishal Biswas, 12 year old blogger and upcoming online enterpreneur

Hello Friends,

After a long time on probloggerinterviews, Today with me a Small Blogger kid with lots of ability in his blogging journey - The one and only Bishal Biswas. Founder of Viralblogtips, Dailyseo and many other blogs. Bishal is a Tech Geek, Seo Expert, Web designer and Best awarded YouTube person. Viralblogtips and Dailyseo is a SEO based technology blogs which mainly covers topic related to SEO, How-To Guide, Blogging Tutorials and many more. So be ready all friends, today in this interviews, I'll ask some interesting questions which may help newbie blogger to know some of secret tips about blogging and seo.

Hello Bishal, Thanks for accepting my request for this small interview to share your blogging knowledge and experience with our readers. I am very exited to take your interview so bishal can we start it ?

Hello Gaurav, Yeah sure ! Lets move forward.

1) We all know about your blog and yourself still can you please say a few lines about your blogs and yourself?

Ans: Hi Everyone, 

Bishal here, a 12 Years old Entrepreneur and a Blogger based on West Bengal. I am blogging since mid 2011 which started as a hobby and turned into passion. I am awarded by West Bengal Govt. (2012) and honored by Science & Technology India (2010) also I am interviewed on All India Radio for being one of the most influence child who is been keen into internet. 

Coming to, it is a blog where I (not yet formed a team) share Actionable Blogging Tips to Dominate Google, founded a month ago unlike being new it showed quit impressive success. Do visit my blog to know some of my secret strategies to improve and take your blog to the next level :) 

2) From which age you have been started blogging? And how you are managing your blog with your study?

Ans: I have been blogging since when I was quarter 9 year old, perhaps I am in relation with computers from when I am 7 years old. 

Frankly speaking, It's quite tough to say when it comes to time management. What I can say, there's no particular timing for me to geek up with my blog but certainly when I do, I enjoy. 

3) What are the Impact of Social networking sites on the traffic that you have today?

Ans: Social Networking sites i.e. Facebook, Google+, Twitter has shown immense success onto it's way. However, when it comes about traffic what I can say is "It's one of the most ideal source". A blog do need more expose and readers and to do so, effective promotion is essential. With the introduce of Google Authorship and several other algorithms that it has became one of most important factor in SEO too, however Google Spam Head - Matt Cutts revealed in past few month that Google do not analyze social signals to rank on SERP (Search Engine Results Place). 

Yet, there's some mystery and history which is soon going to be reveled. However, with my point of  view I do recommend Social Media to be an important factor of both Traffic and SEO. 

4) How you are building relationships with your Readers? How you make them stick on your blog?

Ans: In order to turn visitors into loyal readers, what we need is Quality Content (the KING). Perhaps, everything is related with the contents we are serving to our readers. With analysis it is said that a visitor takes about 18 seconds to determine a site that whether it is worthy to know or not. 

So, having a brainstorming 1st paragraph is important while writing. Also, one of the most important strategy which I do follow to engage the readers is by having a friendly conversation with them. How? 

There's several you may have seen using I and You to point towards the reader, including me giving the reader importance that yes, there's someone actually teaching me, that is really important while writing. No one would like to actually read an article which is more or less a book with official sentences and texts. 

5) Which Blog you follow regularly And who is your role model?

Although there's many which I like to read, perhaps there's some whom I would like to specially mention here. 

1. Harsh Agarwal of
2. Jon Morrow of
3. Neil Patel of
4. Zac Johnson of

6) According to you, what is the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

Write, write and keep writing. That's the way for a successful blog and building up massive traffic. However, for quick results Social Media is one of the greatest sources of traffic. A Social Media Traffic Campaign of mine is on progress to let me check the power of social media, I would too be writing a detailed case study about what I did and what are the results on my blog itself, so I do recommend to stay tuned with it.

7) How you find Ideas for a new post on your Blog?

To Conquer over Writers Block there's several strategies however I do store a collection of ideas for my blog post in my hard drive which helps me to have an instant idea always to write an article. However there's a great quote which I always remember while facing issues while writing articles. "Good Writers Copy, Great Writers Steal", here it doesn't mean that we copy someone, but just take few ideas from other popular blog and make up another popular article.

8) Which are your main earning sources?

Freelancing (SEO Optimization, Logo Designing, Website Designing/Development) is my primary source of income, however Advertising is my second income stream and third is Sponsored Posts, etc. However, these days I am working on CPA Marketing and will also start Affiliate Marketing too.

9) According to You, What are the primary requirements to become a successful blogger?

To be a successful blogger, the only requirement(s) is having foundation of solid contents. A blog having loyal readers can win over a blog having ten of thousand visitors without readership. 

10) What is your future planning?

I am looking forward with my very own Logo Designing Company, perhaps having several plans which I would be executing very soon. 

11) Please share some latest content marketing and SEO tips with our readers

Search Engine Optimization (in short SEO) is really essential for blog to enhance website visibility in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). However, I would recommend to focus only on contents for at-least first 3 months, however you can do some basics like Meta, etc. The same point arises here is "Content is still the King" and will be the King. So, only to win over Google's and Readers heart you need a foundation of solid contents. 

12) Last question, Can you please give some Tips and Advices for newbie Bloggers?

In conclusion, I would only say that there's no chance to get at the top (at-least at this stage) without having effective contents. So, write as much you can and that's the way to success. Here, SEO is not much important compared to Content, so have a target of writing at-least content of 1000 words (yes, that's the secret).

Thanks Bishal for giving your precious time for Giving your interview on Pro Blogger Interviews, I hope this interview will help not only newbie Bloggers but also it'll help Pro Bloggers too. We all are wishing you bright blogging future and Thanks again for sharing your Blogging knowledge with us.

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  1. Gaurav – wow! Thanks a lot for featuring me here. I really appreciate your support and your willingness to share my blogging journey with ViralBlogTips on this prestigious site.

    1. It's my pleasure Bishal, Hats of u buddy..
      thanks bro for sharing your knowledge with us.
      Thanks a lot.

  2. Bishal, I know Him from 2014. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. wonderful information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend nandu , hyderabad,i have read atleast 7 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again, Regards, Resume Maker


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