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Interview with Rajesh DX of Techfishy

Dear readers

Today with me the founder of Techfishy.com, Rajesh is a computer geek. In techfishy, it covers mainly windows and internet based tips and trick. And also Rajesh is a part of AlltechMedia Team developer by Imran uddin. So be ready all friends, in today's interview, I'll ask some interesting question which may help newbie blogger to know secret behind blogging. So Let's have a start...

Before introducing myself, I would like to thank you for introducing me here to your readers and I feel honoured to be featured here. 

1) Rajesh, Please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers :

I'm P.Rajesh and I suppose I'm familiar with the name "Rajesh-DX" because that's my Facebook profile Name. I'm a Computer Science Engineer( I'm not so proud of it) and I'm an Entrepreneur, as well as posted as the Head of website designing & development team in the company "All Tech Media". I'm working on many websites but my main website is techfishy.com where I post contents related to computer and mobile tips & tricks. I rarely post about Blogging articles but when I do, it would be worthy to read.

2) When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it?

Before even I was into the field of blogging I was trying various websites such as Neobux, Minuteworkers, Facebook etc to earn money during my college days(2009). I never knew that they are called as PPC's or whatsoever as my motive was only to earn money and so I followed all the methods on the internet blindly. I was tired of working on those websites and even after many months passed I was never able to cash out a singly penny. Meanwhile many people had claimed that Adsense is the best way to make money online and the only requirement for it was to maintain a blog with quality contents.That was where my blogging career started(2010) with one of my friend Rakhim! As everyone knows "Money makes many things" , it made me as a good blogger. I'm not a kind of person who is satisfied to earn money for doing cheap works and so from the day 1 of my blogging career I wrote only quality articles on my website. 

3) Can you please share your Blogging strategy with our Readers?

My strategy for blogging is "Instead of sharing whatever knowledge I have, I would simply share them what they actually expect from me" and this actually means a lot. Do you remember your first favorite Commercial Ad on the television ? Do you remember for what product that Ad was for, really? People only grasp what they want and they would just ignore the extra information out of it. if I'm going to give something which my readers don't need then I would end up in boring them. I would just keep my articles simple and cut to the point and one more thing that helped me was I'm a lazy guy to brag the articles and make it look lengthy. When I write these kind of articles I don't need to worry about the keyword research, not to be afraid of the Google's Zoo animals penality and not to worry about building links or anything as the only manual work I need to do is writing articles for my readers. One main thing I used to be concerned on my website is it's desgin because writing aricle makes your blog only half perfect and the suitable template makes it complete.

4) What is your best way to make money blogging and do you think it can work for everybody?

As my motive was to earn using Adsense from my website, Google Adsense is one of the best way to earn money online. But when I moved out from the newbie level to the mediocre level I found that Adsense was not the only way to earn money. Here's the list of other ways :

1. I earn money from sponsored posts & reviews, 
2. I earn money from Affiliate marketing,
3. I earn money from Blogging coaching.

What works for me will not work for everyone but still Adsense(Recommended) is one best way which will work for every blogger. Don't blindly follow whatever an individual says and if you do so you will end up in wasting your time so don't repeat the mistake which I did at the start. Try to do research and check whether there is really an opportunity lying in that particular method to earn money.

5) Which Blog you follow regularly And who is your role model?

Sice I have a big circle of friends on Facebook I don't really need to follow any blogs particularly. I will not even find time to complete all the useful links that are shared by my friends but I do follow few sites which will develop my other personal skills. As I said earlier I will remember good things that I get from people and I never remember their names. Assuming a single role model will saturate your growth and It's very difficult to keep someone on my mind and follow them. It's like one day you will like "Kareena" and the other day you will like "Katrina". Instead if you ask me "who is your favorite blogger?" then I would say my friend Imran Uddin because we are close friends for more than 3 years and he helped me a lot in blogging as well as in my personal stuffs.

6) According to you, what is the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

If you would have asked me this question few years back then my answer would have been driving organic traffic from Google by writing quality contents. But now, as the trend is changing I would say traffic from social sharing websites are more powerful than Google or any other search engines. Develop a big community or a page so that you could share all your resources there and I personally use Facebook to deliver my articles to my readers directly, It gives me instant traffic. I also get traffic from search engines because I always write quality and unique articles.  

7) What is your future planning?

My plan from the start was to become an Entrepreneur and I'm already a part of AllTechMedia company. My next plan is to educate and help people to earn online because I find many people who have completed engineering and are still unemployed.

8) How are you feeling about your today’s interview? 

I feel happy and exciting because this is my first interview on the internet and you made me feel like a celebrity, Thanks for you once again.

9) What are your suggestions and advice's to Bloggers about Blogging?

I'm not a kind of guy who gives or takes advice. But every Bloggers who are reading this listen to me, if you want to make your blogging career as successful as mine then I would recommend you to follow the below suggestions for which in future you will be thanking me :

1.Your site is not a museum and so change the template often and keep it clean & stylish.
2.If you are giving some information to your readers then make sure the information is true. Don't betray your readers.
3.If you want to make your living online like me then don't try to make money instead try to earn it. There's a big difference.
4.If you are ready to spend lakhs of money for education which doesn't even gets you a job then do not hesitate to spend few bucks for blogging related stuffs.
5.If you love blogging rather than your regular 9-10 job then do blogging at any cost even if your parents are against that. They will accept your decision once you start to earn from blogging.
6.Maintaining studies and blog at a same time is very difficult, So study during the morning and Blog during the Night.

Thanks Rajesh for giving your precious time for Giving your interview on Pro Blogger Interviews, I hope this interview will help not only newbie Bloggers but also it'll help Pro Bloggers too. We all are wishing you bright blogging future and your Alltechmedia Team and Thanks again for sharing your Blogging knowledge with us.

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  2. I must say its a Great Interview. :)

    Keep blogging and all the best for your post in ALLTECHMEDIA

  3. Way to go macha....Best of luck.:)

  4. An awesome interview buddy! Really a lot different and unique interview than the usual crop of interviews I've read these day.

    I loved your answer on question no. 5 and question no.9

    Appreciate your clarity of thoughts. Keeps the good work DX

    Have a great day!


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