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Interview with Sachin Yadav of TechnoLogers

Hello readers, After a long time I am continuing Interview sessions with Bloggers. Today with me is Sachin Yadav who is founder of TechnoLogers a blog about Technologers, Technology, Software, Tech Updates and much more. Let know more about Sachin Yadav and his blog from this interview.

Interview with Sachin Yadav of TechnoLogers

Hello Sachin, Thanks a lot for showing your interest in sharing your knowledge and blogging experience with us via this Informative interview. I hope you will also enjoy this interview as much as our readers. I'll ask you questions related to the niche of your blog and some personal questions too.

Sachin, Can we start Interview ?
Yes please go ahead...

1) Firstly Sachin, Can you please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers ?
Hello everyone , first I would like to say thank to Yash for giving this opportunity and I feel above the sky this time.

I am Sachin Yadav from Faridabad .I have done my (Cse Branch) from MDU (Rohtak). I am a big fan of Technology people like Sergey Brin, Larry page, Mark Zuckerberg , Sachin Bansal and Bini Bansal (Flipkart guy) and so many people who develop the software, website and programming language for us...but we don’t know the name of those people.

This was the main idea for me to start the blog which tell about the founder, inventor, developer and I call a superstar of technology and I name them TECHNOLOGERS.

Technologers Blog by Sachin Yadav

2) When did you start Blogging ? Is there any motivation behind your start ?
I started my blog on 1 Jan 2013 and coming new year my blog become 1 year old blog.

As I mention above Main Motivation behind is the Founder of Company.
Every time I read about top company like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple...then only thing came in my mind is that who starts and how they start...

I am very curious to find the name of that person who invent or develop .. so this motivates me.

3) Hello can you share some secret tips with us to increase traffic of a blog smartly ?
Traffic mean the user and user love content so write the quality content which attracts the user for example content is not meant to write long and long para in your blog .. but intersecting fact and figure which are rarely available .try adding some creativity in it.

II am sure all these points which help you to increase traffic and not traffic but quality traffic.

4) Who is your favourite blogger and which blog you visit on a regular basis ?
My favourite blogger are Amit Aggarwal, Harsh Aggarwal and Neil Patel.
I regularly visit, and

5) There are many ways to earn money with a blog, According to you which is the best way to earn with blogs except Adsense ?
You are right there are plenty of ways to earn money using blog like Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, Affiliate earnings , paid review, Infolinks.

I like affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money because it will give you a handsome income without any limit.

If you have good amount traffic then you can write the article related to your affiliate then user use the same link to buy something then you get your commission.

There are a large number of commissions provide by Hosting company so if any new customer buys hosting through your blog or your referral link then you will get up to 50% on their sale.

6) What are the major sources of traffic of your blog TechnoLogers ?
Well currently I receive a small amount of traffic which is directly from Google search engine or some traffic from the Facebook page.

7) How do you find ideas for your new post on your blog ?
This is very easy for my blog because everyday I browse the many website or use service ...then I will to find the founder of that website or tech person related to that technology.
My main aim is to find the find the tech person all around the world and write about them.

8) Can you share some awesome moments of your Blogging Journey ?
Starting my own blog without any help of any one itself is an awesome moment for me and blogging journey is just starting for him.

9) What are your future plans ?
My plan is to add all the technologers/founder from all around the world and in career wise I soon clears my Google Adword Exam to become GAP and start a new blog for Adward query.

10) If someone wants to start a Blog what is your advice to him / her ?
First i am not much good at advice but try ...first thing is  Know yourself  ?? Because most of the time we don’t know what to do or what is the next post is that time your inner power tells your strong factor.

Start about what you like not what people want to read...that’s it.

I left you all with this wonderful line ”Steve Jobs needs no introduction but Dennis” if you understand about this link then please tell me in comment section Thanks for reading my interview.Keep visiting my blog for new technologers.

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Thanks a lot, Sachin for sharing your views and experiences about blogging via this interview. On behalf of our all readers I am wishing you all the best and best of luck for your future plans and goals. Have a nice day, Happy Blogging !

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  1. It's really helpful and motivational to the legend.

  2. Such a nice interview sachin, best off luck for future

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  5. Hi Sachin,
    You are really doing a great job with your blog. The topics that you sharing with your blog are quite good and inform-able.
    Yash Gohel, you are also doing a great job by bringing these new professional blogger to share there ideas with us. Keep it up


    1. thanks sandy..
      one day your interview is also live here

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  7. I appreciate your blog which really update me about new technical things

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    Nice Blogs
    Thanks for sharing Such Information

  9. very nice interview....keep it up

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